Brilliant shots Brian! Can't seem to find what camera gear you are using. Do you mind sharing that?

/ Harry, http://toppcasinosidan.se
Jim Barlow(non-registered)
Hi Bryan, I just watched your video for Deschutes River Outfitters from 09 and had to find out who shot and narrated that film. Super great job of really capturing the river and fishing experience with both camera, and especially your narration script. I'm a generation older and first came to the Deschutes to fly fish for steelhead in 1985 at age 36. I was already a fly fisher and river soul, and became one of the Deschutes' and eastern Oregon's captives the first time I drove to the canyon from Portland, smelled the sage brush, stepped into the river (facing downstream) and looked up. Spent the next fourteen years being a steelhead flyfisher, mostly on the Deschutes making those early morning put ins, those long casts, and was one of the first with two handed rods. I write all this so you know that when I say your script was perfect, you will know that I can be a judge of that. I was there. Living in Panama now, but still there too. You also have a great announcer' voice for the narration, with great, natural inflection...as good as Robert Redford on A River Runs Through It. You have a new fan. Would love to see more of the Deschutes through your eyes.
Wow.. I am a great lover and admirer of wildlife photography. And since I have watched a lot in that category, your works are so out of the box and you have even come up with some brilliant ones on these albums.

Jason Bordash(non-registered)
Great photos...absolutely amazing!
Ken Miracle(non-registered)
Fantastic portfolio ... great images of great fish and great places produced by a great artist !!!

Our paths have crossed many times but we just were not on them at the same time :-}
Awesome job Bryan!! I hadn't had a chance to really sit and look, but what an amazing job you have done.!!
DARRELL HUSKEY(non-registered)
Looking good Cuzz! Miss ya...
Kennet Everland(non-registered)
Awesome pictures. Just love the scenery and with the beautiful streams. Unknown for me until today. I love to visit the area but living in Sweden will it be a long journey....
Chris Strickland(non-registered)
Saw your work on a tv show in Steamboat Springs. Great work, especially the macro stuff!
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